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I was scrolling through Facebook one day and senior pictures of Jacob at Camp Wilderness were on my timeline. He looked so handsome. Jacob and my twins, Gabe and Sam, were in Boy Scouts together and Jacob’s dad, Glen, was their leader. In true scouting fashion, Jacob and Glen are two of the most polite, gracious, and hard-working gents I know.

I was also a little bummed when I saw those pictures, because I wanted to take Jacob’s pictures. I lucked out, as they also wanted pictures in the city from a different perspective. What perspective do you ask? Mine! I absolutely love when people choose me based on my art, my voice, my perspective. Okay, back to Jacob, we will have to save this little snack of a rant for a different blog.

Senior picture Fargo ND senior photographer Janna Sagvold Photography

We started of the session in the studio for Jacob’s headshots, as that’s how I start every senior session. Most seniors, I have to beg them to smile. And by begging, I mean scream, yell, dance, tell bad jokes, and well, you get the picture. Not Jacob. The thing about Jacob is he can’t stop smiling. He is probably the happiest person I know, and he’s a teenager, go figure. What happens when you tell a kid that can’t stop smiling to not smile, the biggest smile ever.

We did end up getting some ‘serious face’ pictures and they turned out awesome. I won’t tell you the awful things I said to him to get that expression. :)

I had a blast hanging out with Jacob and Glen that evening. There was defiantly not a shortage of conversation. Oh and I did learn a bit of news about Jacob. He ENLISTED and leaves after graduation. I know he will do great and I wish him all the luck in the world!

Thank you, Janna. It was great catching up with you and hearing about your boys. Jacob and I had a great evening with you during the photo session. We couldn’t have asked for a more creative person to take these photos. It is hard to pick out our favorite picture. We plan on doing a family photo before Jacob heads off for the Army next June. Plus, Andy will be a senior next year, so I’m sure we have another chance to catch up with the Sagvolds.
— Glenn

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